addressing the key causes of drag,  resistance and energy waste;  Biomechanics to understand how to move more effectively and more like an aquatic mammal.  Acquiring skill with a simple learning sequence and REPETITION to allow the brain to learn effectively. These key principles provide you with the knowledge, skills and techniques required to master a fast, efficient and beautiful stroke.

“Swimming:  It’s a Science not a Drag”

On my own coaching journey I have been guided by two giants of the swimming world Bill Boomer and Terry Laughlin.

Bill Boomer was a pioneering Coach, he served as a Technical Advisor to the USA Men’s and Women’s Olympic Teams in 1996, 2000 and 2004.  Boomer collaborated on swim technique, gaining international acclaim for his “holistic approach to aquatic movement – a symphonic blend of art and science.”  In his career he saw changes to the way elite swimmers are trained.

When I first got into the sport, it was about building engines.  The sport has changed through the introduction of the nervous system into the practice of sport.

In 1988, Terry Laughlin attended a talk by Bill Boomer and his unconventional methods were an inspiration and influenced Terry for the rest of his life.

The shape of the vessel matters more than the size of the engine.”

Terry realised these methods described by Boomer could be taught not just to the Elites, but any swimmer and founded Total Immersion in 1989.

Water is nearly a thousand times denser than air so moving through it creates considerable resistance and drag. Up to 95 per cent of our energy is lost when swimming, meaning that trying to add raw power in order to increase speed or distance is counterproductive.

Combining principles of physics, physiology and body mechanics and a learning sequence that is logical and easy to learn you can teach swimmers how to co-operate with the water when swimming rather than to work against it.

By breaking down the complexities of swimming into simple steps, Total Immersion and these principles will transform your swimming.

I completed Total Immersion training  (2015) qualified to  Level 3 and Workshop Director,  implementing this method of learning into the PE curriculum at Bancroft’s School.   As I continue to learn, grow and evolve as a coach, these principles and fundamentals remain at the heart my teaching.


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