Garmin data post workshop

Many swimmers and triathletes wear Garmin watches  to track their sessions.  Data is undeniably an important way to measure progress and speed and pacing are both metrics.  It is important to note down what technique focus point you were working on during swims to make important correlations.  I don’t wear one, I am however a habitually stroke counter and always have a improvement focus while I am swimming


Mack Todd Miwa attended a one day workshop on 11th December 2021, following the workshop he posted his results to Facebook.   I wanted to save them here for any one interested.

“Hats off to Coach Susan Cheshire – The course was ‘effortless endurance’ and the stats don’t lie.  Better technique delivers dividends.

Sharing this to highlight the value of constant improvement in your sport or skills based activity.

Course taken:  Total Immersion “Effortless Endurance” 1 day workshop

Susan really helped me address bad habits and gave us some amazing drills to work with to help develop muscle memory to replace bad habits with good ones.

In the attached photos you can see the PRE-course swim vs POST-course swim data from Strava.

Both the same pace (1:53/100m).  Same time of day 7.30am and same mental and physical condition,

PRE-course – Relative effort 38, Avg HR 135 bpm

POST-course – Relative effort 15, Avg HR 112 bpm

With a primary focus today on the recovery arm movement (mentioned in the video) keeping my hand very close to the water as the elbow moves forward.

Lots more to focus on.  It’s a mindfulness activity really.”

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