Lockdown and easing back in

I’ve reassured several swimmers that they won’t ‘forget how to swim’.  Having diligently been practicing for months, even years with several hundred if not thousands of repetitions forged into their nervous systems swimming is not a movement you suddenly forget after this period of shutdown.

Many friends and swimmers how have been simulating swimming without the water, it’s been shared all over social media; the Olympic swimmer lying on the edge of a kitchen worktop became a sensation.

Maintaining our fitness, posture and core paramount to how we will feel when we first get back into the pool along with our flexibility and remembering the importance of breath control.

We don’t yet know when the pools will re-open or how they will operate once they do.  How will we social distance?  Will time constraints be put in place?   At this first stage of easing the lockdown we can swim outside and I couldn’t have had a more beautiful first swim near the Cotswolds with fellow coach Penny Wilkin.

Firstly, it is important to remember that if you are brand new to swimming and outdoor swimming, now is not the time to start.  Your safety is of far greater importance.  Many organised outdoor swimming venues are only letting experienced open water swimmers or existing members book at this time, this is to  safeguard lifeguards and adhere to social distancing pressures.

If it’s your first time back in the open water this year, the weather has been glorious during the lockdown but the water is still much colder than pool temperatures.  There is no rush to swim for as long as you would normally, enjoy your time in the water, these past few months have been a challenge, don’t stay in too long and acclimatise to the cooler temperature.

Go with a friend who is also a competent swimmer and swim with a tow float.

Before the lockdown work had got a little crazy with school, private coaching and workshops leaving very little time for my own swimming.  My body has missed swimming and the super power the water has to help still a busy mind has not gone un-noticed.

On my day trip to Lechdale-on-Thames we had several swims  in the river and lake only a short car ride away.  I was reminded just how special swimming is, feeling weightless and thinking of nothing except the beauty around me. The few pounds gained through the lockdown (which should have a special name!) made quite a difference, I didn’t feel the cold get into me as I have done previously.

If we can’t get abroad for a little while there is incredible beauty much closer to home to be explored.



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