I often get asked for Goggle recommendations.

I’ve worn Predator Flex for years and recently bought some Orca Killa Vision goggles, which I swam with during my Channel relay.  They are really comfortable, great vision and have been great for swimming outside.

These are my personal preferences, I have asked other experienced and accomplished swimmers for their recommendations.

When it comes to goggles they must be comfy, there is nothing more distracting and annoying than ill fitting goggles. If you are learning to swim, goggles are a new sensation and can cause anxiety until you get used to them.  You also don ‘t want to have rings around your eyes for the rest of the day!

It is also important to experience swimming without your goggles, if you are planning on doing any swimming you need to feel confident that if they came off you wouldn’t freak out and that you know what it’s like to swim without goggles.

Interesting fact:  At the 2008 Beijing Olympics Michael Phelps set a world record in the 200m Butterfly with his goggles filled with water. He performed even better as his visibility got worse!

Here are some recommendations from other swimmers,  they come with clear, polarised and mirrored options.




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