Emotional Freedom to Thrive

I am fortunate to teach and coach both children and adults and behind every adult is the child, teenager and young adult that came before them.  Any negative memories and experiences you may have may be buried quite deeply and could be holding you back.

During recent end of term assessments at school, we spent some time reflecting with our youngest pupils about how they feel in and around water.  It is important to have a healthy respect for the water and to know your limitations, but we need to have the emotional freedom to learn and thrive.

In our early days of learning we know only too well that we can’t breathe under the water and our fear of choking is one of our primal fears.  Yet as we grow in confidence our emotions towards the water change, but what if you didn’t progress beyond more negative emotions towards the water to feelings of confidence?


If the emotions you have feel more like the words on the left, be kind to yourself and don’t struggle and battle through the swimming that you are doing.

You need to take some time to make friends with the water, learn that the water will support you and help you move.

Don’t underestimate the power of your previous experiences.