Ratified and Recognised

Our three person Channel Relay has now been ratified by two members of the CS&PF Committee and is now an officially recognised Channel Relay swim.

I love the report, precise and factual.

Northstar Seals Relay – Observer’s Report

I am so pleased for the time we all spent together in preparation for the swim, behind the report are the ‘finer details!’ and there is a saying among swimmers…’What happens on the boat, stays on the boat!’

For good reason, those ‘finer details’ may put some people off taking on any challenge.

Humour and Friendship make the darker moments a whole lot brighter!!

Our relay team made comment that it really is ok to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Having spoken to many people following the swim, commented on how scared they would have been.

This has made me think more and read about the difference between Being Uncomfortable and Being Scared?

Being uncomfortable relates to a situation where things are unfamiliar and unpredictable.

In contrast, being scared implies fear or anxiety  about something dangerous happening to yourself or others.

You can be uncomfortable without being scared; these four words perfectly describe some moments of our swim, especially when the waters become increasingly choppy and the moments when the waves went over our heads on a breath.
When faced with something new or different, most people will experience some degree of discomfort, but will in time usually adapt to the situation after getting used to it.

To become comfortable, increasing your knowledge and dedicating time to practice; gaining familiarity with any new situation is key.

“Nothing great is easy” – Captain Matthew Webb, first recorded person to swim the Channel in 1875


Nina can bring the sun...it didn't come!

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