Importance of Feedback


If you are moving forward when you swim, it’s safe to say you are doing something right. 


Improvement is determined by skill and to progress you need to understand what you are doing well and what you can improve and how to implement those improvements.

As part of any lesson or workshop feedback loops are essential to a swimmers development and progress.  Feedback guides us; helps us make observations and corrections.

Modern technology and the use of video analysis is a powerful tool to provide more detailed feedback.  Video footage that can be analysed and looked at instantly and for you to keep as an aide memoir for your continued progress well beyond your lesson.

Feedback loops are the basis for how we learn and grow as human beings through our everyday lives, we constantly use feedback from different sources and take actions based on our findings.


It is important as a Coach that we ask for feedback so we too can develop and grow.

I thought the workshop was excellent. Susan is fantastic because she not only has excellent technique which is an effective teaching instrument in itself, but she is also a very clear and direct communicator. She understands what inexperienced swimmers might find difficult, and she is able to tailor the feedback to the individual swimmer, rather than offering generic tips that you could just find online. The video recordings she takes above and below the water of each swimmer is extremely instructive, as you can pinpoint exactly where improvements can be made and build a very close mind body connection.

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